Zaphir windgongen


There are 5 different melodies according to the chords obtained by the combination of the notes of each tone.

Crystalide (notes G A B D A G B D) represents spring




Sunray (notes G# B C# E G# E A C#) represents summer




Twilight (notes E G B C E G B C) represents autumn




Blue Moon (notes D F A B C E A# C) represents winter




Sufi (notes F A D F A G A D) represents the intermediate season the transition between seasons




Gewicht0.150 kg
Afmetingen65 × 65 × 125 cm

Crystalide, Sunray, Twilight, Blue moon, Sufi, set van 5


Pine Green, Persian Red, Gold, Arctic White, Light Sea Blue, Sky Blue, Egyptian Blue, Purple Blue, Turqouise, 5 kleuren


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